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Argentine Tango- Dance to your own colors- Intermediate Level

9. Dezember @ 00:00 CET

This course provides participants with the necessary knowledge to dance in a social context or to participate in a “Milonga”. Dancing Tango involves the improvisation of movements and connection with the partner.

Tools for body awareness will be provided and connection exercises will be practiced as a couple. Throughout the course, sequences of traditional Argentine tango steps and musical improvisation resources will be taught, paying particular attention to developing creativity and personal expression. We will practice communication between dancers and the codes on the dance floor. 

As Argentine tango is a popular art and a culture that opens borders, we will also talk about its history, and the relationship between music, dance, and poetry.

  • Intermediate Level  (for those who have already dance Tango).
  • You can attend alone or with a partner and practice changing roles (The same person can learn to lead and follow).
  • Attend in comfortable shoes. Dance shoes are better but not required.

Fridays 19:00 – 20:30 Uhr
From 11.11.2022 to 09.12.2022




Fröbelstraße 65 35394 Gießen
Fröbelstraße 65 35394 Gießen
Volkshochschul Universitätsstadt Gießen, Giessen 35394 Deutschland
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